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[Double] Cover Reveal - Rapture & Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate!

8 Nov 2011

Fallen In Love 
by Lauren Kate

Rapture (Fallen #4)
by Lauren Kate

Eeeeeekk! I think I just died! The covers are sooooo pretty <3 I had no idea there would be a spin-off called Fallen In Love; it's apparently a collection of four interwined love stories featuring the Fallen characters - Luce & Daniel, Roland, Arriane (I hope Roland & Arriane end up together! Love those two!), Miles, Shelby, (I'm not particularly fond of Miles & Shelby, but I guess it won't hurt to read their respective loves stories..) I'm not a HUGE fan of this series, but I like it enough to finish the entire series! Thus, I'm looking forward to the release of Rapture on 13th June, 2012.

I'm in love with ALL the covers <3 Such a gorgeous collection!

What do you think of the covers? Looking forward to Fallen in Love & Rapture?


  1. This entire series has such amazing covers. They are so beautiful!! I'm not a crazy huge fan either, but I like enough to want to read every new installment that comes out. I especially love Arriane so I definitely hope to see a love story with her in FIL!! Can't wait for both that and Rapture! *grabs at pretty covers*

  2. Yay! You like Arianne as well!! I personally prefer to read about Arianne than Luce & Daniel, but that's just me! Ahhhh the covers are soooo gorgeous!!! Yepp, can't wait for both of them!

  3. hahaa, in the meantime, you have FIL to look forward to! I'm actually quite disappointed with the whole series, but there is something alluring about all the books....I just hope Rapture will answer all my questions!

  4. Oh gosh, I just love all the covers! I am so dying to read Rapture because frankly, I was quite disappointed with Passion. It was all flashback of Daniel's and Luce past lives. I need more romance with both of them from the present!! June seems so long :(


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