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About Me

About the Blog:

Shiirleyy's Bookshelf is my book blog where I feature a combination of YA and non-YA reviews, author interviews, blog tours and other bookish entertainment. My past reviews have focused mainly on YA books but future reviews will be a combination of YA (mainly by my favourite authors) and non-YA. 

About Me
I'm Shirley and I currently reside in Sydney. I love books, fashion, food and travelling. I welcome intellectual conversations about history, crime and philosophy. If you don't see me actively posting (which has been the case for the last few years), it's because I'm either studying, working, travelling (sorry, there's no luggage space for books when I go backpacking) or possibly out having fun with mates.

Some of my favourite YA authors include:
- J.K Rowling
- Richelle Mead
- Laini Taylor
- Stephanie Perkins
- Gayle Forman
- Sarah J Maas
- Melina Marchetta

My favourite non-YA authors:
- Jodi Picoult 
- Stephen King 
- Paula Hawkins 
- Gillian Flynn 
- Kevin Kwan 
- Philippa Gregory 
- Colleen Hoover 
- Tarryn Fisher 
- Samantha Young 

I love meeting new people, so feel free to  tweet mefriend me on GR or send me an email at shiirleyyx(AT)gmail(DOT)com anytime. 

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    I'm also a teen book blogger from Sydney and I thought I saw you at PTA live. I also love The Iron Fey series, Pretty Little Liars (Show) and TMI. Lovely Blog :)

    - Sunny A Sunny Spot Blog


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