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Top 10 Characters of 2011

29 Dec 2011

Top 10 Characters of 2011

Rose from Vampire Academy
By far the most kick-ass heroine in YA! I don't think there will ever be a second Rose. She's just THAT unique!

Warner from Shatter Me
So, he's more of a villain that I like! Warner's definitely one of the most messed up guys, (and pitiful too) but I loved his character all the same! 

Kenji from Shatter Me
I swear, Shatter Me has the most amazing and unique characters! Kenji was featured in my Top 10 Boyfriends of 2011, but I can't help but add him to this list as well! Sarcastic, witty, and arrogant; he's definitely one of my favourite characters!

Grimalkin from The Iron Fey series
Awwww....the little KITTY! (Ooops, he's going to kill me for calling him that!) But seriously, you can't NOT like Grimalkin! 

Puck from The Iron Fey series
I'd love to have Puck as my best friend! I'll never be sad or angry ever again, because he'll always be there to put a smile on my face!

Ash from The Iron Fey series
I just love Ash's character! I must have a soft spot for cold looking, heartless, seemingly uncaring but is actually very protective men :D

 Vivian from Hushed
Okay, Vivian is selfish, clingy and possessive. So basically every single negative word you can conjure applies to her. BUT she's not necessarily bad. Her actions may not be acceptable but they're definitely understandable. I loved how she was a really complex character!

 Sydney from Bloodlines
Ooohhh the girl may not be kick-ass like Rose, but she's kick-ass and intelligent in her own way. Plus, she's gradually changing Adrian, so bravo Sydney!

Truman from Smoulder
The poor guy is screwed up; drinking heavily , smoking, doesn't care if he dies or not, but he only does this to forget and stop his inner pain and torture. I really felt for him while reading Smoulder. 

Roar from Under the Never Sky
Roar unfortunately didn't make my Top 10 Boyfriends of 2011, but he's definitely one of my favourite characters! And he's a great best friend to Perry! 

** I've mentioned villains, main characters, side characters, but I really wanted to name a best friend (of a female main character) but I couldn't think of any...Help?

Who are your favourite characters of 2011?


  1. This was so great and I agree with everything you said :) But I can't think of great best friend either. Why is that? I did think about Anna in Lola in the Boy Next Door but that's cheating since she had her own book first and she and Lola weren't that close. hmmmm...

  2. I think Rose is near the top of all my favourite character/heroine lists. Her badass, reckless and sarcastic self ALWAYS has me cheering for her. GRIMALKIN!!! Hehe nice kitty *strokes his fur* Man, never did I think I would love a cat so much. But it is Julie Kagawa afterall. And I freaking LOVE Puck! While Ash won over my heart romantically, I'd be lost without Puck around.

    I am so happy that ROAR (I love using capslock on his name, heh) made your list. Love this list and how diverse it is. I agree with every single choice except Vivian and that's only because I have yet to read Hushed.

  3. cool you added viv/ totally right about here
    my top characters


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