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Blog Tour: Becca Fitzpatrick - Signed Hush,Hush Series Giveaway!

9 Dec 2011

Welcome to my stop on Becca Fitzpatrick's Aussie Blog Tour! Becca is currently in Australia, enjoying Rainy daysSummer, eating Tim Tams (YUM!), signing books and preparing for the much anticipated Blackhand Ball! 

Thanks to the absolutely amazing Caroline from Simon & Schuster Australia, I'll be giving away a SIGNED set of Becca's phenomenal Hush, Hush series! So, if you didn't attend any of Becca's signings, or the Blackhand Ball [like me, unfortunately :( ], here's your chance to win the entire series!

- Open to Australian residents only. 
- Ends 16th December 2011
- Winner chosen through

Extra Entries:
[+2] - Follow Becca Fitzpatrick on Twitter! (
[+2]- For every time you share this (tweet/facebook..etc)

Ready to Enter? Fill out this FORM!

Missed a tour stop? Here's the entire schedule!
5th December: Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me with a special chapter from Patch's POV. 
6th December: Eleusinian Mysteries with a 'my favourite things' Q&A
7th December: Novels on the Run with an Aussie themed interview
8th December: The Rest is Still Unwritten with a Sydney Black Hand Ball review
8th December: Tales of Inner Book Fanatic with Becca’s top 10 books

10th December: Book Probe with a Melbourne Black Hand Ball review
10th December: Paperback Heart with a Hush Hush movie cast by Becca and Darcy
11th December: Nice Girls Read Books with a Melbourne Black Hand Ball review

Thank you so much Caroline for organising this fantastic blog tour and allowing me to be part of it <3
Hope you have a fabulous time in Australia, Becca! 


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