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Book Review: The Industry by Rose Foster

2 Dec 2011

Title: The Industry 
Author: Rose Foster
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia.  
Release Date: April 1st, 2012
Format: Manuscript 
Source: Publisher for review (Thank you!)

Kirra Hayward is an ordinary sixteen year old - smarter than most, but otherwise completely anonymous. When she solves an unusual decrypting puzzle on the internet to fill in a moment of boredom at school, she has no idea of what she's letting herself in for.

Kidnapped by a shadowy organisation of mercenaries known only as The Industry, Kirra soon discovers how valuable her code-breaking skills are. And when she stubbornly refuses to help them, they decide to break her ... by any means at their disposal.

Kirra knows that to protect herself, she must trust no one, not even her fellow prisoner, Milo. But as time goes by she wonders if he is the only person she can rely on.

Compulsive and page-turning, The Industry is the first in a trilogy from talented debut author Rose Foster.

Kirra Hayward is an ordinary high school maths geek genuis studying maths 2 grades above her level.. Upon searching on the Internet for ideas for a MATHS project, she comes across a certain odd puzzle and solves it instanly without much thought. A few days later, she is kidnapped and transported all the way to the other side of the world. She is kept prisoner, and tortured to solve more of those puzzles that she learns are not ordinary ones. In fact, these codes are called the Spencer Code, and you know what? Kirra happens to be one of only people in the world who can decode it! Her ability marks her as an important target that everyone would do anything to get their hands on, and her captor would do anything to keep her ability for himself. Will she be able to Escape this imprisonment? And what will happen to her future now?

When I think back now, The Industry did feel fast-paced and full of intense action, especially towards the end,  but her imprisonment scenes did lag.  It was only half-way through the book, that the real action began and the fantastic plot line resumed its brilliance.

During her time in the cell, she is joined by someone else; a guy called Milo who miraculously possesses the same extraordinary talent as her to decipher the spencer code. At first Milo seemed really rude and annoying, but there was a nice side to him as well- he cared about Kirra, and gave her support and encouragement.I really like how they bonded inside their cell; it was the sort of relationship that developed gradually, as they began to trust each other and connect.

I loved all the characters! Kirra was certainly admirable in many ways, espeically her strength and loyalty. She'd never had a real friend before, and upon developing a true connection with Milo, she trusted him with all her heart and I was so touched by her loyalty! *Sigh*The poor girl! Her life  suddenly changed so drastically, there wasn't even time for her to be prepared for what was to come. With her kidnapped, and unable to return to her family, what else can she look forward to in her future? I thought the secondary characters were well developed as well; especially Desmond! Okay, I have no idea why, but I just took an instant liking to him!

I loved the idea of such a huge and influential organisation being sheltered and unknown to the rest of the world. From contractors and criminals to *gasp* assassins, it's a miracle they've never been caught! The Industry reminded me a bit of those spy books ( CHERUB) I used to read, and it was definitely pleasing!

With fantastic characters, unpredictable twists, and constant pulse-pounding action, what's not to love about The Industry? I say you look out for its release next year, and GET YOURSELF A COPY! You won't be disappointed!


  1. The scenes with Kirra/Milo in the beginning really amused me! I loved seeing how they kinda got on each others nerves before Kirra slowly began to trust him. And I agree, I totaly love the whole secret society thing full of criminals and assassins and all that uber cool stuff you secretly wished you were apart of when growing up.... or maybe that's just me :P

    So happy you loved this, fantastic erview!

  2. Great review! I really enjoyed it. I need to read this ASAP! The guy's name is Milo - AWESOME! One thing that annoys me: I have to wait until April to get the book! :(

  3. Thanks!! Now I have to wait like more than one whole year for the second book to come out! That's the bad thing about reading books have to wait longer for the rest of the series to be released! I hope you like it too!

  4. Yes,yes!! I loved those two, but didn't you just hate the ending?? What's going to happen to those two?!?!?! I WANT BOOK TWO NOW!! Hahaa, I STILL wish I was a part of some secret spy organization! I don't think I'll EVER grow up!
    Thank you :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed this book as much as I did. It was such a great read and I'm looking forward to its sequel! Great review.


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