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Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

28 Dec 2011

Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011
*Note: In NO particular order!

Hunting LilaAlex from Hunting Lila
Alexxxxx <3 That sexy beast! 

Ash from The Iron Knight
ASH. My Ice Prince! After everything he's willing to do; going to the End of the World, going through all those impossible trials just to claim a soul in order to be with Meghan, how can you NOT fall in love with him!??!
Adam from Shatter Me 
He's kind-hearted, incredibly protective and most of all, he truly loves Juliette!

Kenji from Shatter Me
KENJIIIII <3 Man, I loved him in Shatter Me! I'll never get sick of his sarcasm and witty comebacks!! Oh, and I love his SPECTACULAR face :D  
Adrian from Bloodlines
OMG. Does anyone NOT like Adrian?!?! I loved Dimitri in VA but Adrian definitely proved himself worthy of my respect and love in Bloodlines! 

Four from Divergent
FOUR!!! So strong, and loving and considerate and understanding and and.....HE'S PERFECT <3
Perry from Under the Never Sky
PERRRRYYYYYY <333 He's so kindhearted and loyal, always taking care of those around him and willing to risk his life for those he loves. 
Jace from The Mortal Instruments
I fell in love with Jace the first time he appeared in City of Bones! He's so arrogant and sarcastic and gives off this I'm-better-than-you aura that one can't help but LOVE.
Will from Angelfire
Oh, Will! I loved how he was so faithful and protective of Ellie! He's been her guardian/protector for centuries and never once has he neglected his duty. <3 
St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss
He's half British and half French. He has an English accent. He's funny. He loves Anna. And his only flaw is his height. <3 AHHHH ST CLAIR!!

Honourable Mentions:
Alex (Delirium), Alex (Fateful), Ivan (Mammon), Tristen (Crave), Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door), Rodden (Blood Song), Archer (Hex Hall), Patch (Silence), Dimitri (VA), Jem (Clockwork Angel/Prince), Will (Clockwork Angel/Prince), Peeta (Hunger Games), Kai(Dark Seeker), Roar (Under the Never Sky), Luc(Personal Demons), Puck (Iron Fey series)
What about you? Who are your 2011 book boyfriends? :D


  1. *pants* Too many gorgeous guys. So many of these wonders didn't make it onto my list but gosh do I love them!! <3 Fantastic list as always :D

    My Top Ten

  2. Shir.... Shirl.... Shirley! A-Are you trying to *gasp* kill me? Too. Much. Swooning. Must. Lay. Down. YES to Alex, Ash, Adam, Kenji, Adrian, Four, Perry and St. Clair!! And probably nearly every honourable mention you have haha.

    I hate these damn lists. They make me want to go back and reread for all the swoony guys again!!

  3. NOOOOOOO! Brodie -TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND CALM DOWN. Haha, I wonder what would've happened if I added NOAH to the list! (Not that I will since I haven't read Mara yet - but rest assured, I shall read it VERY soon!)
    LOL. Just admit it! You LOVE these lists :D It's a love-hate feeling =)

  4. NOAH?
    *is dead*

    Quick! Get Adrian so he can bring me back to life and we shall be bonded forever :D But OMG Shirley. Yes. Read soon. Mara Dyer is calling your name!! And Noah... I think he may actually TOP the sexy guy list. Although... Perry may give him a run for his money ;)

    *mutters hateful words about lists* ....... *runs back to hug it*

  5. BIG SHOUT OUT TO ST. CLAIR! MY ULTIMATE BOOK BOYFRIEND THIS YEAR!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LIST!!! Kenji, Kenji, I wish we get to read more about him in the next book!!! Hope you've had a wonderful year! :D

  6. Looks like I've got some reading to do, because there's a lot of boys on this list I haven't read about yet! I do love Adrian, Four and Puck though!

    Top 10 Book Boyfriends
    Kelly | Radiant Shadows


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