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Blog Tour: Ties to the Blood Moon by Robin P. Waldrop - Guest Post

8 Feb 2012

Welcome to the third stop of the blog tour for Ties to the Blood Moon by Robin P. Waldrop! Robin has kindly written a post on Writing and Music and also revealed her Playlist for her debut novel!

Title: Ties to the Blood Moon
Author: Robin P. Waldrop
Release Date: November 1st, 2011

Genevieve is a teenage girl who moves in with her aunt in Alaska after the death of her mother. Soon after her arrival she learns the things she was raised to believe only existed in fairytales are in fact a big part of her history. When it gets to be too much she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, William, only to find out he's not who she thought he was either.

~Guest Post~

Writing while listening to music soothes my soul and allows me to zone in when I’m writing various scenes. Before I started writing YA I wrote FBI Suspense/Thrillers and I didn’t listen to music. Nope. Instead, I kept the television tuned on shows like CSI, and Criminal Minds because that’s what held me in the writing mode.
Once I discovered the world of YA—which I love wholeheartedly—I realized rather quickly that cop shows just weren’t going to cut it. I needed music! Music that reminded me of my younger days and could help me get inside my YA characters’ heads. So, I went searching and soon discovered a website called with a gazillion song choices where I could create and share various playlists of music.

I started listening to groups like Maroon 5 and Nickelback, then suddenly, a whole new world opened up for me and the words began to flow. That’s how I wrote Ties To The Blood Moon.  I mean, when you think about it music and writing have something in common. They both tell a story.

The songs were my inspiration…I would hear a certain song like “New York” by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys and would instantly be in the mood to write . Actually, that song became my theme song. Each morning I would begin my day by listening to it and then start writing. Why “New York” you ask, well…I don’t really know. I just thought it was catchy and knew it put me in the mood. There’s nothing about New York in Ties to the Blood Moon but hey, it worked.

1.     Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down
2.     Kings of Leon- Radioactive
3.     Bob Marley- Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
4.     Breaking Benjamin- The Diary of Jane
5.     Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved
6.     3 Doors Down- When I’m Gone
7.     Nickelback- Far Away
8.     Avril- Lavigne- When You’re Gone\
9.     Train- Marry Me
10.   Jay-Z  - New York feat. Alicia Keys

(What an AMAZING playlist!! I remember a few years ago, when Avril's 'When You're Gone' was released, I was addicted to it! I would listen to it day & night and it was probably my favourite song back then :D)

Bree and Robin are also hosting a Name-That-Book contest in search of the perfect name for the second book in the series! You can join the fun HERE.
The Next post will be held at Nicole's Library with a review!


  1. Oooh I wasn't aware of! Totally going to check that out now, might find some good music recommendations too because my music library is painfully low and the ones that are in there, I haven't listened to in forever haha. I love hearing what songs influence authors when writing their novels! And obviously music is the number one inspiration for amazing YA :D

    Fantastic post!

  2. Great playlist! Bob Marley, Maroon 5 and 3 doors down, loved these artist. Awesome post! I missed you Shirley and your blog! Hope all is good over there, what with the weather. <3


  3. LOL I like having the TV on when I'm writing too! x) I don't know what it is about background TV music that makes it easier to write -- maybe the TV just shoots out brainwaves that gets our brains thinking? LOL! :D But I loooooove your playlist, Robin! Avril Lavigne used to be one of my favourite singers (I used to have When You're Gone on replay when it came out too, Shirley LOL!!), and there can't be anyone who doesn't like Nickleback. I mean, they're awesome and CANADIAN! ;)

    Awesome guest post! :)


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