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Blog Tour: Near Death

14 Feb 2012

Welcome to  my stop on the virtual blog tour for Near Death by M.B Mulhall! Today, I will be sharing with you an excerpt from Near Death!


As Gabe turned to leave, Sara grabbed his arm. He started to ask what she wanted and saw
she was staring across the field. Gabriel followed her gaze and saw what she was fixated on.
The mysterious boy was standing in plain sight in the middle of the empty playground. Jackson
turned and noticed him too. Jack glanced at Gabe and gave him a slight nod. Gabriel leaned
down to Toji and told him he’d be right back and that he should wait there with the girls. He
dropped the boy’s hand and returned Jackson’s nod. In a flash, the two teens took off towards
the playground in pursuit of the green-eyed boy. Jackson veered left while Gabriel veered right,
hoping to catch the stranger in the middle. The mysterious boy stood there, eyes wide, panic
 His body shook with fear.
The boy turned his head, looking for an escape route. There was nowhere to go. Jackson
and Gabriel were coming up on him quickly. They both reached out to grab the blond boy and
somehow ended up grabbing each other. They fell to the ground in a tangled mess. While trying
to extract themselves from each other, the girls ran up to them, Toji in tow. Marisol lent a hand
to help Gabriel up while Jackson stood up and brushed off his clothes.
“Where did he go?” Jackson asked. “He was right here! You all saw he was here, right?
Where could he have gone? I thought I had his arm in my hand...How did it end up being Gabe’s
arm? Am I losing it?! Tell me you guys saw him too!”
“Relax, Jack. We all saw him. It’s not some crazy dream or a hallucination,” Sara said. “He
just seemed to vanish into thin air.”
Marisol nodded in agreement.
“One second he was there and the next he wasn’t.”
Gabriel knelt down so he was at eyelevel with Toji.
“Toji, did you see the boy that was on the playground?” Toji looked frightened, but
nodded. “Have you ever seen him before today? Is he a friend of your sister or your family?”
Gabriel continued. Toji was reluctant to answer. His small hands were clenched tightly in front
of him and his little body was shaking slightly.
“It’s okay,” Marisol said. “You can tell us.”
“I saw him once before,” Toji said in his soft voice.
“When was that?” Gabriel asked gently.
“It was....It was the day of the accident,” Toji said, barely audibly. Gabriel looked up at his friends with a worried expression.
“You saw that same boy the day your parents were killed in the car accident?” Marisol asked.
Toji’s lip trembled, tears rolling down his cheeks.
Gabriel glared at his sister.


  1. Oohhhhhh, I'm so intrigued right now! I want to know who the green-eyed boy is -- I'd probably be chasing after him like those guys if I could LOL! x) I've never heard of this book because, but it sounds like such a cool read! Thanks so much for sharing this, you two! :)

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour! Much appreciated :D


  3. Looks so good!

  4. Great post Shirley this sounds really good.

    Xpresso Reads

  5. Oooh super intriguing! Who is this mysterious green-eyed boy, I wonder? Thanks for the teaser, Shirley and M.B!!


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