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Blog Tour: Mammon by J.B Thomas - Guest Post

23 Sep 2011

Welcome back to the Mammon Blog Tour, stop 4, day 2! Enjoying it so far? Haha, I hope so :) You can check out my interview with Joe here and also my review of Mammon here
Today, JB will give us an insight into Music and Mammon! 

~Music and Mammon~
Like many writers, I like to listen to music while writing. I’ve definitely made mental associations between characters and songs. I’ve developed something of a playlist, which I’m happy to share with you today.

To use this playlist effectively, I recommend following these steps:

1)     Make sure you have a copy of Mammon. If not, why not? Okay, I’m just kidding (about the why not part…you do need to have a copy of the book).
2)     Access all of the songs listed below.
3)     Play them in the order listed, and imagine the scenario I describe. You could even read the relevant chapter.
4)     If you think there is a song that should be added to this playlist, please add a comment at the end of this guest post, including where the song fits into the story.

So, here it is: The JB Thomas Definitive, Spoiler-Free Mammon Playlist!

Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
What a great intro song this would be in a Mammon film adaptation. The camera swoops in over the corrupt streets of Border City and then cuts to a suburban kitchen where Grace and Joe are preparing to leave for school. It follows them on the bike, then through the busy corridors of the high school, taking in the as-yet-unnoticed Jesse Tyler as he swaggers out the back entrance, on his way to sort yet another dirty deal.

ET by Katy Perry
Mammon is walking through a nightclub. He is the consummate sharp-dressed man – and everyone knows it. As he surveys the room, his eyes fall on several women, who turn, trance-like, in response to his stare. He wears a small smile – the type of smile a confident man has when he knows he can take any woman in the room home with him. He continues to walk, and as he does, the women start to get up and trail him until every female in the place is following him out the door. He’s a sexual Pied Piper.

(My best friend, Linda, found this song. She’s part of the creative think tank known as The Legion of Three.)

Run by Snow Patrol
This is the ultimate loss song. Joe and Grace are travelling through a dark, lonely night towards their new life in the South. Run has words that Mum and Dad would want their children to hear. I can’t say much more…just listen to the song and its lyrics and music will speak to you.

Carnival by Natalie Merchant
When Grace arrives at Renfield and learns about the demons, she realizes that up until now, she’s been blind. She looks at the world with new eyes, and feels hypnotized, mesmerized…by what her eyes have seen.
My Delirium by Ladyhawke
When Grace is shocked out of her body during the taser attack, this song comes to mind. What else can I say? It’s a very ‘Grace’ song.

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
When Ivan brings Grace a present – after her naughty visit to the city. Aw, mushy!

Human by The Killers
This is the song that should be played when Ivan dances with Grace at her birthday party – in the highly romantic way that only Ivan can!

Watercolour by Pendulum
This is the definitive Ferryman Chronicles song. It’s the type of song that expresses the fears and hopes of the small, valiant group of demon hunters – the telepath, the warrior and the Ferryman. If you’re still not convinced, look at the video!

Hope you enjoy! Please, add song ideas of your own if you like. You can also visit me at


I'd like to thank JB was allowing me to be a part of this awesome blog tour! 
The next stop is with Brodie at Eleusinian Mysteries where she'll be doing a character interview as well as a post on 'Why are Russian men so hot?'. I personally can't wait to read the latter; if you've read Mammon, then you know that Ivan, (who's Russian) is smokin' hot. Hahaa. 


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  5. Some awesome music right there. Definitely heading to Brodie's! Gotta hear more about Russian men. Dimitri Belikov, Ivan....can it get any better??

  6. I reckon aye? I'm heading over to Brodie's right now! Must read more about Russian men- so hot! <3


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