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Blog Tour: Mammon by J.B Thomas - Character Interview

22 Sep 2011

Welcome to the fourth stop on JB Thomas's Mammon Blog Tour! I'll be interviewing Joe as part of the tour and tomorrow, there will be a guest post featuring the ultimate playlist for Mammon. Sound fun? But before you read any further, check out the first three stops with Erin at Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic, Braiden at Book Probe Reviews and Rachel at The Rest is Still Unwritten. 

Without further ado, let us welcome Joe...

Hello Joe! Thank you for joining us for an interview today!

Would you like to start off by telling us a bit about yourself? What were you like before your life turned upside down?
Well, I’ve always been into bikes and knew I was going to open my own shop someday. Dad was close to finishing his job on the rigs and I knew he’d put some money aside to help me. But I don’t really like talking about that now.

Can you describe your relationship with your sister, Grace?
It’s pretty good. She’s smart but I feel like people give her a hard time. Like that jerk-off at school, Mancini. She’s a nice person who trusts easily, but people think they can take advantage of her. And then she comes to this place and they give her a hard time. She has changed, though. Since…well, she doesn’t let people walk all over her anymore.
I’ll always be close to my sister. Now, more than ever, because she’s all I have.

Now, we know of your amazing ability to open rifts. What were your thoughts when you first realized what you could do?
What a good way to get rid of all the garden waste.

How do you feel about being a ferryman? Do you feel burdened since the Order has high hopes for you, or perhaps delighted to be able to help exterminate these demons?
Nah, I’m not burdened. They can’t really know what it’s like to be me. I’m happy to be able to do it. Utu’s had some really weird stuff happen to him. I don’t mind – as long as I can always control the gift.

You’ve encountered countless demons. Can you tell us your experiences with these Demons? How would you be able to tell them apart from ordinary humans?
They’ve got this shadow on them, and Grace feels pukey when they’re close. I don’t, which is good. They usually mouth off when we get to them, but they shut up real quick when I open a rift. Ha, ha.

Okay, I’ve been dying to ask this next question. What do you think of Grace’s relationship with Ivan? Do you feel more protective now, or do you believe Ivan will definitely take care of Grace?
Ivan’s a pretty cool dude. I suppose if there’s anyone on the planet who can protect her, it’s him. He’s hard core, really. I’m pretty happy about their relationship. But I don’t wanna know all the soppy details…

Thank you for stopping by Joe! It was fun chatting with you!
Yeah, no problem.

Thank you so much J.B Thomas for this interview!

~About the Author~
J.B. Thomas was born in Perth in 1971. Adopted at four weeks of age, she grew up in a beachside suburb with three brothers. After graduating with an Arts degree, she worked as a writer in public relations roles with government, educational and non-profit organisations. She was inspired to write The Ferryman Chronicles by speculating what life would be like if demons lived among ordinary (and not-so-ordinary) humans. J.B. Thomas lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband where she has taught high school English for the past nine years. During this time she has run creative writing clubs and produced literary anthologies of student work. She is a longtime fan of Great Danes, and when she’s not writing or reading, she watches films, walks her dog, George, and on occasion can be found playing online games. Mammon is her first novel. 

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