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Cover Reveal: City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

5 Jan 2012

City of Lost Souls 
by Cassandra Clare
May 8th 2012

Blurb from Goodreads:
In Book 5: City of Lost Souls, the Shadowhunters struggle to piece together their shattered world after a betrayal by one of their own leaves them reeling.

I'm in two minds about this; on one hand, I DO find this incredibly gorgeous, but on the other, this cover feels...a little different compared to the other 4 books. It might be the fact that on the previous four books, the model's forehead has been cut off? Hmm...
BUT Jace DOES look hot here <3 
I wasn't a fan of CoFA (unfortunately), but let's hope this one will be much better!

You can read the PROLOGUE of CoLS HERE.

What do you think of the cover?


  1. MY READ!! MUST READ!! I am crying DX I WANT TO READ IT!!!

  2. omg my Jace!!!!! How gorgeous is he here?I love him! <3 yes it does feel diffewrent this cover. I guess it because its too romantic compare to the other first covers. Well, i kind of dig it, the title suits the cover, they are like two lost souls anyway. :)


  3. Definitely different than the other books... but I think I like it. :)

  4. Oooh Jace is looking quite fine there :D I really like the cover! I still haven't read COFA, not entirely sure if I will continue on with the series ... we'll see how affected I am by the hype, because you all do an incredible job of frustratingly making me want to read something :P

  5. Of course! It's our job to convince you to read all the amazing books that you've so conveniently decided to...not read :D I can't believe I'm saying this (and it's the first time I've ever said it about Cassie's books) but I'd say skip CoFA; or maybe just read the last 2 chapters if you're seriously affected by all this hype. CoFA was such a disappointment :( *Sigh*

  6. It's definitely gorgeous! The more I look at it, the more I seem to fall in love with it :D

  7. I haven't read this series. I'm not sure I'd like it, even though the reviews have been great But the cover is very eye catching!

  8. Yes, indeed it it! The Mortal Instruments series is definitely one of my all-time favourite series <3 But I know some people who just couldn't get into it...But who knows, you *might* end up liking it :D

  9. I personally do love this series and as the person on twitter said to Cassandra Clare..hehe!! This JAce on the cover has a Brazillian that I give it a good lookie...yes it does look rather Brazillian manly and tight:D




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