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Around the Blogosphere events + calling all TEAM ASH FANS!

10 Jan 2012

(I think it's a bit late posting this event, but better late than never, right?) 
Two of the most awesome Aussie bloggers, Lisa from Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me and Brodie from Eleusinian Mysteries are holding a month-long Valentines event in February! 
Yes. It's a VALENTINE'S event! Which means SWOON-WORTHY guys are involved!!!! 
There will be giveaways, hottest exclusive content, Scavenger Hunts, Boyfriend quizzes (Okay, I'm seriously excited already!!!!), BOYFRIEND BATTLES and a whole load of other fun activities!!
Oh, and how can I forget? There will also be LOVE TRIANGLE DEBATES happening, where you'll be able to fight for your guy! 
So, go and sign-up to defend your guy!! (You don't want him losing, do you?!?!?!)
You can see the updated post: HERE OR HERE

(Seriously, how cool is that button?!)

And also, a personal request to all Ash (from The Iron Fey Series) fans out there; I'll be writing a post defending Ash in the Love Triangle Debate, so if you're TEAM ASH, please tell me why you LOVE him! :D You don't want PUCK to win, do you!? OF COURSE NOT!


Wow, I'm already excited just from the name of this event!
The amazing  Kai from Amaterasu Reads and Precious from Fragments of Life are back with their Dystopian Domination event!
I don't know about you, but Dystopia is currently my favourite genre (yes, it overtook Paranormal Romace),so I for one, am extremely excited for this! 
There will be fantastic giveaways, posts, reviews, and all sorts of fun stuff! You'd be insane to miss out!

You can view the full schedule here:

Also, check out:
Character interview/Giveaway of Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
Interview/Giveaway of Cold Fury by TM Goelgein!

Okayy...that's all from me!
Adiós :D


  1. EEEEEEEE! You're doing Ash? I get so excited every time I see anyone participating in this :DDDD
    Ugh. Now I wanna read Iron Fey before the even so I can back you. You know I'll vote for you anyway :D

    READ. IT. IMMEDIATELY. (Or else I'll come stalk you and literally shove it in your face so you can read it IMMEDIATELY!) hehe, looks like I'll make it my job to make sure you read this amazing series now *evil smirk*

  3. LOL great super exciting post! You made me all giddy :P Gosh! Thanks for supporting the event!

  4. Haha, my pleasure :D I should be the one thanking you and Brodie for organising this fantastic event <3 I'm sooo excited for Feb. now!

  5. Have I mentione you're awesome lately? BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for posting about this, Shirley! And I am SUPER excited about Dystopian Domination too! Those girls have such awesome stuff planned, cannot wait! <3

    Once Upon An Iron King, I would have said YES to Puck winning.... but from Iron Daughter onwards, OH ASH, YOU GORGEOUS THING, YOU!!! I don't even know what to say. I mean, the tests in The Iron Knight speak for themselves!! The COMMITTMENT and loyalty from him amazes me. The depths that he will journey to be with Meghan, reliving the torment and pain from his past.... isn't he amazing? Sigh. he broke my heart in the last book! AND MADE ME CRY AND AND.... I know, I'm not much help haha. I'm so excited for your post!

  6. LOL let's hope people turn up :P *hugs amazing authors*

  7. *squeals* exciting! great post Shirley <3


  8. Sorry for butting in but I'm sure people will TURN UP, Lisa! It's like the most amazing event ever! It will the best February yet! :)

  9. Haha thanks Celine. But really, it would be verrrry embarrassing :P *fingers crossed*


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