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Book Review: Everything Left Unsaid by Jessica Davidson

15 Aug 2012

Everything Left Unsaid 
by Jessica Davidson
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Release Date: August 2012
Format: ARC 
Purchase: Book Depository Dymocks

"I wait for him, the cold seeping through my clothes, until it finally dawns on me that he's not coming back. And I wonder why he chose her instead of me? Why he went looking for her when I was right there."

Tai and Juliet have been best friends forever – since they met at kindy and decided to get married in first grade.

They understand each other in the way that only best friends can.

They love music, beach walks, energy drinks and, they are slowly discovering, each other.

As they dream of adventures beyond the HSC – a future free of homework, curfews and parents, a life together – their plans are suddenly and dramatically derailed.

For Tai is sick.

And not everything you wish for can come true.

A poignant story of first love, hope, grief, family, and the twistedness of life.

Everything Left Unsaid is a beautifully crafted story of young love, choices and what it means to lose someone you love. I’ve had my fair share of books with characters dying of diseases, and I’m happy to say Everything Left Unsaid did not disappoint! It’s sweet, it’s sad, and it will certainly leave you with an ache in your heart, but Everything Left Unsaid is definitely worth your time! 

I absolutely loved Tai and Juliet’s relationship! You could tell they really loved each other, and it was impossible not to feel their pain; having to battle through the last year of high school, (ONE year before freedom), only to be confronted with the one unthinkable obstacle – Tai being diagnosed with a brain tumour. *sobs* Their relationship felt realistic to me, and while both sides made some mistakes that irked me a little now and then, I was able to easily forgive them. (Given their situation, those feelings and actions were well…unavoidable). Tai and Juliet’s perseverance throughout this difficult time was certainly admirable- *sigh* Why does fate have to be so cruel? Tai and Juliet totally deserved a happily ever after!!

I’m still debating whether I made the right decision in reading this before my HSC …or perhaps I should’ve waited until after my HSC? On one hand, I certainly found it easy to relate to the characters and what they’re experiencing- the stress of being in Year 12, cramming for exams (Gosh, that’s a NIGHTMARE), the fear of not doing well enough to be accepted into Uni and of course, in between studying and attending school, the partying and girls night out! I honestly cannot imagine how Juliet managed to survive her final year- studying for finals AND on top of that, having to deal with the heartbreak of losing her best friend/boyfriend. However, I must admit, after reading this book, I’m left in fear of what’s to become of my future. I’m reading about everyone being accepted into their first/second preferences, and feeling extremely happy for them but part of me is thinking “What is I don’t get accepted”? (Okay, I’m trying REALLY hard not to think about that!)

Overall, Everything Left Unsaid is definitely a book you should look out for! While I wasn’t too pleased with the beginning (everything happened too fast) but it’s impossible not to be consumed by the power of the story as I read on! By the end, I was completely in love with everything about the book<3 Oh, and be sure to have a box of tissues next to you when you start reading! I guarantee you’ll be bawling your eyes out by the end!


  1. This is such a beautiful review Shirley, I've had my eye on this book ever since I first heard about it, it sounds like such an achy ready, but it has an unmistakable pull about it that makes you want to pick it up now!

  2. Such a beautiful review Shirley! I've had my eye on this book ever since I heard about it, it sounds like such an achy read, but gosh it just has some pull about it that makes me want to read it now!!! :)

  3. Oh my, this released this month! I totally forgot. I better not go into a bookstore because if I see this I will HAVE to buy it and I'm trying to be good and read the ones on my shelf. *hides away* Everything Left Unsaid sounds gorgeous and it's Aussie! *squeals* Great review, Shirley :D

  4. Recently I've read a lot of distressing as well as sad books. I'm taking a break from them to do some happy reading so this might be on my TBR for a while. It sounds amazing and heart breaking. Good luck with your HSC, I know how stressful it is and I wish you all the best. Don't ponder on the doubts too much and enjoy your last year, you'll do well. :)
    Isa @ Chasing Quills

  5. This sounds like a really sweet read. Tai and Juliet seem like two really likeable characters. I'm glad you were able to root for them. Fantastic review as always, Shirley! :)

  6. I am SO pleased with myself, because guess what I bought in Australia last week? :D :D :D This very book! So seeing your rave review and stars makes me pleased as punch.

    Can't wait to read it even more now!!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  7. I hadn't heard of this book before now, but it definitely seems like something that I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing this review, I will definitely try and check this one out!

    Steph @

  8. I want this book. Now. I love sweet, sad, heart-aching stories and this sounds like my cup of tea! Is it strange that I have a liking for books with a depressing sort of theme? I want to see how Tai and Juliet overcome Tai's illness - I agree, fate is sooo cruel, why can't everything be happy? :'( Dealing with exams and the stress that comes with it is hard enough so I'm intrigued to find out how they cope with the pain and sadness of an illness? I want this book, I want this book!!!!! Shame the beginning was too fast but I'm glad you still loved it and cried over it!

    And a massive GOOD LUCK from the UK <333 I'm sure you will do fabulous in your exams and I hope you get into the uni of your choice!!!!

  9. Book buddy, your review makes me want to read this beore the hsc (57 days!! D;).
    And dude, you're like 100% guaranteed going to be accepted into uni :D We'll be med scientists together.. saving the world.. reading.. I can just see it :)
    So stop thinking negative thoughts D<
    Or I'll slap you in english >D

  10. Those books are always so hard for me to read, since I'm a real cry baby :') Especially books about losing your boyfriend makes me want to cry, so I tend to stay away from them as much as I can. This one sounds heartbreaking and beautiful. I might give it a try. Thanks for bringing this one under my radar and I'm glad that you liked it so much after the difficult start :)

  11. Boy oh boy . . . your review is just going to make me cry all over again. This book was SO sad and yet so . . . beautiful and true. Reminded me a lot of how The Fault in Our Stars made me feel - sad and happy. As always, brilliant review!

  12. This sounds so great- I hope I'm able to read it soon! I'm glad you liked it do much!

  13. Sounds like a powerful book! I will get my tissues ready! Thanks for sharing

  14. I'M GONNA CRY. I'M GONNA CRY. I KNOW I'M GONNA CRY. So why does that make me want to read the book all the more? Apparently I like wasting my money on tissues *sniffles* This sounds like such a fantastic novel, even despite a few flaws you found with it. I love that you're able to connect with the characters and it's AUSTRALIAN! 100 points for being local!

    And ditto what Mandee said in the comments. I have full faith that you will do AMAZING, but regardless of your marks, there are ALWAYS so many different paths to obtain your goal <3 Fantastic review! And I'm wishing you all the best with HSC!

  15. Celine @ Forget-Me-Not7 September 2012 at 18:43

    EEEEEEEE YES YES YES YES, I absolutely agree with everything you said on your review, Shirley! Everything Left Unsaid was so heart-breaking and *sobs* THE ENDING! Tai and Juliet's relationship was beautiful and oh yes, I cried a lot after that ending :'( Hahaha, you made a right decision by reading it before HSC? :P

    Anyway, awesome review, Shirley! ♥ SO glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Oh Shirley, don't worry about your future, whatever happens, you will be ok and I bet you will get accepted. Trust me on this, you can do whatever you want no matter what marks you get :)

    And fantastic review, I really loved their relationship and it took me back to being in high school :)

  17. I tend to stay away from books where someone is suffering from a disease, but this sounds like too good of a book to miss, intense and emotional. I can totally relate to the stress of being in Year 12, having just gone through it, about to start my final year before I head off to uni (assuming I'M lucky enough to get a place somewhere :S). The relationship between Tai and Juliet sounds really sweet and definitely heart-breaking. Beautiful review, Shirley. :)

  18. Jenny @ Supernatural Snark7 September 2012 at 18:43

    Dammit Shirley! The blurb and your review made me tear up! Poor Tai, I just want to reach in and hug him and magically change the story to be one where he's not sick. I'm glad that despite the quick beginning, everything came together for you and you ended up really enjoying it. I practically need that box of tissues already and haven't even read one page! *sobs*

  19. Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian7 September 2012 at 18:43

    Oh my gosh, my heart ached for the characters just from reading your review >_< True that, Senior year is ridiculously rough enough as it is, and pile all that on?! Love the sound of Tai and Juliet's relationship! and Shirley dear, you're SO not the only one. I'm so scared I won't get into my first choices this upcoming year as well TT o TT This sounds like such a bittersweet read! Since I've been on a contemporary roll, I shall check this one! Thanks for the awesome review!!

  20. Loved this story, totally agree about emotional and beautifully crafted.
    Brandi from
    Blkosiner’s Book


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