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Storm Blog Tour Winners!

6 May 2012

The Storm Blog Tour is officially over! I hope you all had lots of fun <3 Below are the lucky winners of our 14 prize packs :)

International Prize Packs:
Elemental (ebook) + Storm + Spark preorder
Winner: Sarah Jane
Elemental (ebook) + Storm + Spark ARC
Winner: Cassie Frye
Copy of Storm + Spark Pre-order
Winner: Joanne S.

Storm ARC + Spark preorder
Winner: Gabriella

Each receive a copy of Storm:
Thanks to Allen and Unwin!
Teresa L.
Alice S
Michelle A
Mary Preston
Mary Perez



CONGRATZ GUYS!<3 I hope you all end up LOVING Storm! It's certainly one of my favourite 2012 books so far :) For those who didn't win, make sure you go and buy yourself a copy ASAP! You do NOT want to miss out! :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU LUCKY PEOPLE! <3 LOL although since I was recently the proud owner of two copies of Storm, I guess it's only fair that other people have the chance to win -- I wouldn't have it any other way! The more people loving Storm, the better! x) But your enthusiasm is always so infectious! If I hadn't already read (and loved and practically squeezed the life out of) this, seeing "one of my favourite 2012 books" would be convincing enough! :P

    Thank you for being awesome, Shirley-birdie! I HEART YOUUU <3

  2. Congrats to the winners! I just bought myself a copy of Storm and can't wait to start it. :)

  3. Ahhh yayayyayyyyy thankyou thankyou thankyou so much :) I'm EXTREMELY excited to get my hands on this book :D Of course, you and Brodie have gotten me so hyped up over this and now, YAYAYYY! Ahh. Thankyou <3


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