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Showcase Sunday 06-05-12

6 May 2012

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Bites. Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren, the aim of this meme is to showcase our newest books!
Showcase Sunday will be replacing In My Mailbox from now on :)

 YAY! I've been trying to obtain all four books in the series since like..last year! The only book I'm missing now, is The Iron Queen! 
INSURGENT. Need I say more? I don't know why I ended up receiving two copies; but if any Aussies want this, I'm happy to swap :)
This has been described as "Rebecca meets Gossip Girl" - I'm not sure if "Rebecca" is a book/movie/show/ or some famous person I'm not aware of, but anything similar to GOSSIP GIRL? I'm definitely in!
I won't be reading this series unfortunately, so if any Aussies want it, tell me!
I reviewed this last year & absolutely loved it! So happy to have a finished copy now :) 
Oohh this one sounds AMAZING. Plus it's an Aussie YA :) "A psychopath... an empath... a genius. " How can you not want to read it after that? 
I haven't read any of Alyson Noel's books, but from what I hear they're probably not to my liking anyway :/ I'm a little hesitant to start this after reading some goodreads reviews:S
A Romeo and Juliet retelling? Sounds awesome, right? But too bad I never cared about Rosaline in the original play so I wonder how I'll feel about our main character....
This is definitely one of my most anticipated 2012 books :) It seems ALL the publicists at S&S LOVED it - I hope I will too!
I read this as soon as I received it - IT WAS FREAKING FABULOUS! Trust Armentrout to write a sequel that surpasses the epicness of the first! Now I'm literally DESPERATE for Deity!

An enormous thank you to Keely@My Spin On Books, Lisa @ Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me, Harper Collins, Walker Books, Pan Macmillan, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and The Book Depository for delivering my copy of Pure to my house a mere 2 days after I bought it<33

What lovely goodies did you receive this week :) Leave a link below!


  1. Gah! You got two copies of INSURGENT! And Pure! Awesome haul! :D

    Drop by my Showcase Sunday?

  2. Awesome Showcase Sunday! I'm Aussie too, yaaaaaaaay (:
    Can't wait to read Insurgent, I haven't picked up my copy yet - gahhh. And I can't wait to see what you think of The Hunt!!!! Exciting stuff (:

    Check out my Showcase Sunday!

  3. Stepping Out of the Page7 September 2012 at 18:47

    What a whole load of AWESOME books! Insurgent is so, so, so, SO amazing! :) I know that you're going to enjoy all of these!

    My latest post: From the Review Pile (1)

  4. Ahh, I totally would be up for a swap of Insurgent if my pre-order wasn't on it's way already. Where is your swap list btw??

  5. That's one mighty book haul.

    Hope you enjoy your reads.

  6. Jenny @ Eternallybooks7 September 2012 at 18:47

    That really is a fantastic book haul! I'm hoping to read lots of those too! Happy reading :-)

  7. Oooh so many awesome books! :) I absolutely loved the Iron Fey series!

  8. Shirley you got a fab set of books this week! I also can't wait to read The Hunt! and I absolutely loved Insurgent, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Happy reading! :)

  9. I really need to read The Iron Fey series! I loved Insurgent! You can never have enough copies of it. LOL Enjoy! :)

    You can see what I got this week Here!

  10. SHIRRRRRRRRRRLEY!!!!! *jumps on your back* Oooh double the Four love! *swoon* OMG INSURGENT IS EFFING BRILLIANT *faints from awesome overload*

    Haha Iron Daughter is the only book I'm missing, I have the rest *steals your copy* Yay for The Industry, I loved it too. Can't wait for the sequel. AHHH DISHARMONY! I'm going to start reading that tomorrow. I'm hoping it will be freaking AWESOME because hello, psychopath? It's like it was written for me.

    The Hunt is SO GOOD. Creepy good *scratches wrists* :D


  11. SHIRLEY!! How do you have two copies of Insurgent when I don't even have one yet?? This is seriously unfairness to the max LOL x) BUT if anyone had to get two copies, I think it definitely deserves to be you because 1) You're awesome! and 2) You write amazing reviews! and 3) You're SO incredibly awesome! <3 :') I have a copy of Fated by Alyson Noel too and I've tried to get into it multiple times but failed -- there's just something about her writing that I can't stomach and I don't know why. But the rest of your mailbox is gorgeous too, and I hope you enjoy them all!

    Amazing showcase this week, Shirley! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday! :) <3

  12. I wish I was an Aussie lol awesome haul and happy reading xoxo
    Goodies I Received This Week

  13. TWO copies of Insurgent? AJGLAFG! Maybe one's for reading, and on'e for hugging, and clutching to yourself as you sleep? heheheh!

    Oooh, Rebecca? It's the book that Paige Harbison's New Girl was based off. It's an older book, kind of creepy? Haven't read it either :)

  14. Jessica@a GREAT read7 September 2012 at 18:48

    Very nice! How on earth did you end up with 2 Insurgents? I still need to read the first book myself, it's on the massive TBR pile along with a million other awesome must reads! Hope you enjoy the rest of your haul!

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  15. cass_wordsonpaper7 September 2012 at 18:48

    Dude, I'm STILL COLLECTING the Iron Fey series!!! That's my excuse on the matter. :P I also have heaps of books I haven't read that if I were to tell you which series/books you'd definitely smack me around more. For example, I have not read a Cassie Clare book.

    My copy of Insurgent is still sitting on my desk, staring at me. It's so pretty! XD Hope you enjoy! I don't want to chuck it on the to-review pile, since many books that I do leave there STAY there for a long, long time. :X

    I need some blue (book) spines to complete my rainbow...SQUEE!! I love your pile! Just looking at it again.... :)

  16. Eeee! I'm so glad you loved Pure too! It was amazing, right? Roll on Deity! ;) Awesome haul this week Shirley. I got myself a copy of When You Were Mine too and hope it doesn't leave me disappointed. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it! Have a lovely day!

  17. LOLLLL do you have space on your bookshelf to keep it?! XD Ask your friends first (just remind them that they need to read DIVERGENT first! Otherwise they'd be all OMG WHO IS THIS REALLY HOT FOUR GUY?!). Maybe host a giveaway? UP TO YOU BB.

    REALLY? AWESOME. Emailing you my details now! :D

  18. SHIRLEY! *gasp* I cannot believe you didn't have a complete set of The Iron Fey series despite the fact that you really LOVED IT!!! XP The Iron Queen is probably my favourite book of the whole series because there were so many swoon-worthy scenes in the book between Ash and Meghan! ;P


    I got Whisper as well but don't think I'll read it. I never read the first book in the series and although I did read The Immortals series, I'm not really interested in reading Riley Bloom's books.

    The Industry's finished copy is so cool! I like how the codes formed the girl's face! Disharmony! Got a copy of that book too and SO EXCITED to read it! I watched the book trailer recently and it sounds really cool!

    When You Were Mine! Well, you know what I think of this book from our Twitter convos but I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book!

    Fated! I was very excited to read Fated since I really enjoyed The Immortals series but I ended up not really enjoying it as much as I thought I would. The cover is really gorgeous though!

    The Hunt! GAH, should I request this book? I'm still not yet convinced to read it. I don't know why!!!! :S

    PURE! Oh geez, I need to start reading Half-Blood soon. The book's been on my shelf for ages and I still have yet to read it!


    AWESOME BOOKS THIS WEEK, Shirley! <3 Hope you enjoy all the books you got this week and happy reading! :)

  19. LOL yes Disqus chops up comments in their emails sometimes so you only ever get the full versions on the post x) Yes, my HC copy should arrive this week.....the same time as my own from Book Depo... >__< Annoyed I didn't have the chance to read it early haha. I've been anticipating it week after week! Argh. It's probably too late for me to request The Hunt now!! I didn't when they sent the catalogue and now it'll be awkward.... =| OMG THE POOL SCENE. *must reread*

  20. Becky @ Stories & Sweeties7 September 2012 at 18:48

    I read Pure this week recently, too, and I have to agree!! It was incredible!! Want to read many of these..Insurgent (after I read Divergent lol), When You Were Mine, Fated...they all look great!
    Here's my haul!

  21. I just read your review/overall thoughts on Goodreads! I'm glad you liked it so much :) I'm so scared to finish it now since it sounds like there's going to be a killer ending! Whoaa Cass! YOU HAVEN'T READ THE IRON FEY SERIES?!?!?! SERIOUSLY? First Brodie, then Lisa, and now you! GO READ IT!!!!!!

    Oh yeah...I remember seeing your Colourful book haul post <3 Eeeeee! Can't wait to see your books next week ;)

  22. DO YOU WANT WHISPER??!?!? Yesssss! If you do, just send me your details and I'll send it over :)

    HAHAHHAHAHAA Um....I DON'T KNOW. If I can't find someone to give it to/swap...then maybe a giveaway? Or ask around my school and be like "DOES ANYONE WANT INSURGENT- IT'S POSSIBLY ONE OF THE BEST 2012 BOOKS!" Or maybe donate it to my school library? Or...keep the extra copy in case I accidentally lose one? Pshhh I DON'T KNOW!

  23. HAHAHAHAHA You know only the first two lines & the last line showed up in the email I received from disquis...and I was like "'re totally enthusiastic :S" and then I saw the ENTIRE comment on my blog and I was like "WHOAAA. LISA REALLY IS ENTHUSIASTIC TODAY"
    Something dodgy must've happened at the HC warehouse :/ Wait...your copy's coming, right? If you don't receive it, then I'll send you my extra copy! :D LOL I requested The Hunt from S&S but it never arrived- I got this off the "competition" on their FB page...gahhhh GO REQUEST IT NOW! Caroline & Anabel from S&S both LOVED it! Dudeeee..I like AIDEN. YOU like SETH. BUT OMG THAT POOL SCENE! HOTNESS OVERLOAD. *dies*

  24. notanotherbookblog7 September 2012 at 18:48

    Great haul this week - I think I must be the only person who hasn't read Divergent yet!! The Hunt does sound amazing - I'm hopefully that it will match the early reviews!!

  25. OMG! The Iron Fey series.. LOVE <33 I hate you a little. You have two copies of Insurgent and I have none. I'm going to murder whoever's working at the HC warehouse LOL! I hate getting unsolicited books that are part of a series… Yay for The Industry! I won Erin's giveaway so Monday…? :D OMG DISHARMONY I WANT *steals* Looks gorgeous and so so amazing. *fangirl* Fated reviews are SO mixed. Let's hold hands and do it together? LMAO. *hides* I'm quite excited about When You Were Mine now….I've seen some good reviews :) Hopefully it's got a happy ending! I'm angry at myself for not requesting The Hunt. I blame the dodgy reviews that were on Goodreads… >____< OMGOMGOMGPURE!!!!!! *attacks* So happy you loved. AWESOME RIGHT? SETH!!

    .... *stares at comment* Errm. I'm enthusiastic today..?

  26. cass_wordsonpaper7 September 2012 at 18:48

    Well I didn't get any copies of Insurgent for review. Just finished reading my preorder today. :) I've also got Fated, Whisper (also not reading this series) and Disharmony. Where You Were Mine sounds interesting, though I've read some mixed reviews so far. I really need to collect the Iron Fey books too (I have King & Knight) Enjoy!!

    I do book hauls every two weeks now, but I've got some awesome books this week and I can't wait to share next Sunday! <3

  27. LMAO. You and your two copies of Insurgent. XD WHAT ARE YOU EVER GOING TO DO WITH THEM.

    FABULOUS books m'dear! I'm very jealous. The Hunt sounds like it's going to be AMAZING. Oh I need to read Pure! It sounds absolutely fantastic. OHHH Aussie YA? Okay. I definitely need to grab Disharmony as soon as I see it in the stores. <3 THAT SOUNDS SO DAMN GOOD!

    Ohh! I'm actually hoping to read that series by Alyson Noel sometime...but I don't exactly have books to trade for it. :P If you need someone to take it off your hands I'm your girl! ;)


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