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4 Reasons why you should read The Grown Up

30 May 2016

Gillian Flynn’s books are by far, the most unpredictable, dark, fucked up and psychologically and emotionally draining thrillers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Yes, I love them to bits. They always make me question my morals, empathise with the villains to the point that when I pointed out Amy’s reasons for orchestrating her own kidnapping in Gone Girl was….understandable on some level, my mate gave me a “you’re fucked in the head” look. So yes, Gillian Flynn’s books are an automatic must buy for me and that’s exactly what I did when I discovered ‘The Grown-Up’ was released.

The Grown Up

by Gillian Flynn
Released November 5th 2015
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As this was a very short novella, instead of writing a review, I’ll simply give you 4 reasons why you should pick up this book.
  1. It’s written by Gillian Flynn. 
If you liked any of Flynn’s previous full-length novels, then you must pick this one up. It fucks with your head that same way Flynn’s other books did.
  1. It’s a short – around 80 pages – and speedy read!
Worried that you won’t finish your Goodreads Challenge before the end of the year? Getting tired of reading a 350 page novel that was sent for review? Well, definitely give this a go! Not only will this count as 1 book on your Goodreads Challenge, but you also won’t get sick of reading it because you’ll be done in literally 20 minutes.
  1. Nothing is as it seems.
As with the other books, nothing is as it seems until the last 25%. Remember; don’t believe everything you’re told!
  1. You’ll think about the storyline and ending long after you finish reading the last sentence. 
There are books I rate 5 stars but I’ll never think about again. There are also books e.g. Gone Girl, Harry Potter, The Pact, ACOTAR that I will re-read once every few months because they’re just so damn good. The Grown-Up is one of those books where I’m still wondering what the hell happened at the end and if Flynn will release an official statement to clarify the ending.
I don’t know about you, but I’m eagerly anticipating Flynn’s next full-length novel. I’m 100% positive it won’t disappoint :D

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  1. Hi Shirley! I actually don't have the strength/endurance for her books. I've tried two so far, both on audio, and while I appreciated her brilliance, I was too much of a coward to finish them. A short one might work better though.


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