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Blog Tour: Rapture - Author Interview!

20 Jun 2012

HEY GUYS! So, today is my stop on the Aussie blog tour for Lauren Kate's Rapture, the thrilling conclusion to the internationally best-selling Fallen series! I'm sure you've all heard of Fallen / Torment / Passion / Rapture, right? If you haven't...well..I'm sorry to say, you've been living under a rock! The series has the MOST GORGEOUS covers EVER! And arguably one of the best teen romances too!<3 Anyway, I'll be sharing with you an interview with Lauren Kate. A massive thanks to Random House Australia for organising the tour, and of course, the lovely Lauren herself, for dedicating her time to answer these questions!<3

  Who would you rather spend Valentine’s Day with? Daniel, Cam, Roland or Miles?

The choice is too easy for me…Cam is based on my husband, so I want to spend almost all of my time with him. Daniel and Miles are all yours, ladies! Though good luck fighting off Luce.

How did you come up with the names of your characters? Is there perhaps a story behind their names?

Lucinda’s name means light, which symbolizes the ultimate destiny of her story. Daniel is named for the book of Daniel, where we see the first angel acting of his own volition, independent of God. Gabbe’s name takes a cue from a certain archangel. Cam’s name is also taken from a catalogue of fallen angels: Cambriel. Pennyweather Van Syckle-Lockwood is named after two friends of mine, who’d just started dating and are now married.

 In Passion Luce ‘travels’ to numerous different cities in the past. I loved each time period and felt each setting was rich with description and detail. Did you undertake research when writing about those different time periods and places?

Lots and lots of research, which for me was easiest to do by reading novels with exciting historical settings. You’ll see notes of Hemingway, Bulgacov, Dickens and Wilkie Collins, and of course Shakespeare in Passion’s historical locales.

What are some of your favourite angel books?
For research I read a trilogy on the devil through history by Jeffrey Burton Russell that was unbelievable. I also love Harold Bloom’s Omen’s of Millenium.

If you could pick a song to represent Luce and Daniel’s relationship, what would it be?

You Look So Young by the Jayhawks always springs to mind. Many readers have told me they love thinking of Luce and Daniel while listening to Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years—and I agree.

You know, after reading Lauren's answers to so many Cam/Daniel -related questions, I really starting to like Cam more than Daniel now! I think it's safe to say I'm officially a Cam fangirl :) hahahaa<3 Anyway, I really hope you all enjoyed the interview! :)

Find Lauren:

Be sure to check out the rest of the tour!


  1. I love the cover of this book! Awesome interview! I enjoyed finding out where the author got the names for the characters. Thanks for sharing.

  2. TEAM CAM ALL THE WAY!! <3 So happy to FINALLY have you on our team, Shirley-sweetie! Hahaha although it's so funny that we're all cheering for the boy that's based off of Lauren's husband... :') Hey, that means she has great taste, right? I'm super-duper excited to read Rapture! I think I have a copy on its way to me, and with all your Aussie bloggers and your gushing for Lauren, I wish it was here NOW so I can hopefully find a HEA for Luce and Daniel (and CAM, of course!).

    Amazing interview, Shirley! <3

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE hearing Cam's based on her husband! EEEEEEE! Amazing interview, Shirley!

  4. Ahhhhh, I need to read this series ASAP!

    Woah, so much thought went into the names-- I think it adds to a story when everything is so well thought out.

    I thought I wanted to read this series, but now I know I HAVE to. Thanks to you both for this, and brilliant questions, Shirley!

  5. This is such an amazing interview!!!!!!! I am so sad that the series is over!! I am listening to the audio book of Rapture right now!!! Anyway I am totally Team Cam too but I had no idea he was based on Lauren Kate's cool!!!! Great interview Shirley!!!! Have you read Fallen in Love yet?!?!!?! Cam is so awesome in that one!




    Anyway, thank you for sharing this awesome post with us, Shirley! <3

  8. Wow, I had no idea Cam was based on her husband? Lucky woman:) Cam's a favorite character of mine, and I can't wait to read more of him because I am tragically behind on this series. But, luckily for me, now I can just sit down with all the books that are out so far and read them one after the other with no waiting. That's one benefit of being completely lame and far behind on a book series! Thanks for the interview Shirley and Lauren!

  9. Haha Shirley, sweetheart, you are LATE to the Cam bandwagon!! I was Team Cam from the minute we met him in Fallen :P I love hearing what each name means and where she took inspiration from. And oh... I bet she had to do a lot of research for Passion!! So many different cultures and even though we only get a small glimpse at times, it has to seem authentic. So kudos to Lauren!

    AWESOME questions and answers! <3

  10. A Thousand Years is a lovely song. I love it. :D

  11. Great interview! I can definitely see that Christina Perry song fitting Luce and Daniel's relationship. And it's interesting to hear that Cam is based on Lauren's husband! :D

    Aren't all the covers for these books just amazing? I think the cover for Torment is my favourite. :)


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