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A very lonely introduction

13 Jun 2011

Well, I feel like I'm starting a very lonely blog - one that will only be read by me but since this is a place for me to escape to and to record my everyday events and feelings, I'll just think of this as my personal online diary.
So, to start off...I just read some VERY interesting news:
I've been waiting ever since the last episode of the first season aired all those months ago..AND I FINALLY GET TO WATCH IT AGAIN!!!!!
But, unfortunately, I have 3 upcoming exams this week, 1 next week, AND I have camp for three days next week so chances are, I won't actually watch the first episode until after camp. :( BUT who knows, maybe a miracle will happen and somehow I'll have memorised both my economics and english speech and understand perfectly the difficult concepts of calculus, quadratic functions and the locus - which I highly doubt since I haven't actually studied yet- then perhaps I'll be able to make some time for pretty little liars! After all, those 4 poor girls really need our support when A is no doubt still after them!

Okayy, and aside from TV series, I also have a whole list of books that I either :
1. Want to buy
2. Want to read
3. Want to read AND buy
It's going to take some time for me to write up all the titles and authors AND release dates so, I'll post them up tomorrow! Oh gosh, I don't think I'll have time for anything else but reading, studying and watching tv shows by the time all the goodies have aired/or published!

Anyways, this is all for today!
I definitely had fun rambling on about nothing important for my very first blog entry!
Weeeeeelll, I guess I should say Au Revoir!

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