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Throne of Glass Ambassador: Exclusive Excerpt of The Assassin and the Princess (Part 4) by Sarah J Maas

6 Aug 2013

Hey Everyone! I've been keeping this low-profile for a while but I can finally proudly announce to you all that I'm a THRONE OF GLASS AMBASSADOR! hehehe How awesome is that title? I'm the biggest fan of Sarah J Maas's Throne of Glass so I'm absolutely ecstatic to be an ambassador for the book! 

Today, I'm delighted to share with you the fourth part of Sarah's novella The Assassin and the Princess.

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“We can go somewhere else,” Celaena said softly.
            Nehemia just stared at the slave-girl, her face blank. The girl was dressed well, and looked well-fed, but the manacles, so horrifyingly beautiful, gleaming in the warm light…
            The women were staring at them now, but the slave-girl kept her eyes down. Didn’t even turn toward them. Celaena rotated her own wrists, a tinge of phantom pain going through the scars that marked where her own shackles—iron and scratched—had once been.
            Celaena put a hand on Nehemia’s elbow. “We can—”
            “No,” Nehemia said, looking away from the girl and giving Kavill and bland smile. “We shall wait. Please—return to your work,” she said to him, and took a seat on the divan. Celaena slowly sat down beside her, and Nehemia flashed her a brighter smile.
            Today, they had agreed when setting out, would just be about enjoying themselves—about letting Celaena dress Nehemia up. Today, they were just two ordinary, perfectly happy girls, out to do some shopping.
            Celaena gave her best smile in return.
So Kavill went back to his customers, the soft-spoken Marta came to take their cloaks and gloves and replaced them with jasmine tea, delicate cookies, and a selection of the day’s papers.
“Such service,” Nehemia said when Marta had slipped away to assist Kavill in taking down his measurements and seeing to the needs of their customers. The princess ran an eye around the gilded walls, the racks of sample gowns, the displays of jewelry, shoes, hats, and parasols. “Such wealth, too.”
Celaena, who had been watching one of the women debate whether a quarter of an inch would make her neckline too daring, glanced at the princess. “If it makes you feel better, he’s turned down positions as the royal tailor several times.”
Nehemia raised a well-groomed brow, the gold jewelry she wore glinting in the light of the lily-shaped glass sconces. “I don’t mean to be…difficult,” Nehemia said in the common tongue, any trace of her fake, thick accent gone.
The accent, Celaena had learned, was just to deceive the royal court—to get them to think she was dimwitted, and make them speak more freely when they thought she couldn’t understand. But Nehemia spoke better than the most refined of them. And she had been using the knowledge she’d gleaned to uncover any tidbits of maneuverings that might help the plight of her enslaved people.
It was why they had gone shopping in the first place: to find gowns that Queen Georgina would approve of—gowns to enable Nehemia to cozy up to the queen and her inner circle, to see if she might help Eyllwe by winning over the King of Adarlan’s wife.

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Are you enjoying the extracts? Keeping up with the posts? Loving the novella? 
You can expect more fun posts coming up over the next few weeks leading up to the publication of Crown of Midnight!<3


  1. Your an Ambassador for Throne of Glass. That sounds so awesome, I'm very jealous hehe. Amazing novella. I still have yet to read Crown of Midnight, though I really enjoyed ToG especially Chaol, he's so nice! ;) Great post, Shirley! :D

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